VHS Percy




vhs percy

Percy was born in 1988. He is a Hanoverian x Thoroughbred standing at 16.3hh. Nothing unusual about that, other than a fantastic age – however Percy has had a star studded career. Percy was the horse ridden by Mel Gibson in the famous ‘Freedom speech’ in Braveheart.
Nowadays, Percy and Caroline compete in Veteran Horse Society showing and Dressage;

percy winning posies

 Percy was ridden by Immy Corney for a World War 1 celebration weekend. He also did a charity event at Wincanton Racecourse. At home he gives plenty of confidence to his companion Storm, out hacking.
Caroline comments “Percy has a fantastic temperament, not a nasty streak in him”
“Percy is an outstanding example of a veteran Horse and his partnership with Caroline is what the Society is all about. We are honoured to have him as our Equine Patron, and are so proud he is representing the Veteran Horse Society, and promoting the care and welfare of older horses” says Julianne Aston, Founder of the Veteran Horse Society.

percy chobbles

How percy spends his time when hes not competing or representing the VHS


percy tries side saddle

Caroline and Percy try side saddle