Peter is an International Dressage Trainer of world-wide repute. He runs regular clinics throughout Britain as well having taught in America, Spain, Germany and Dubai.

Peter Maddison Greenwell

The emphasis is on the dressage training of both horse and rider.

This is based on many years experience of training dressage and a balance of beliefs and principals that has put Peter Maddison-Greenwell up there amongst “the worlds top dressage trainers in his field”, as quoted in the book Pathfrinder Dressage by Penny Hillsden.

Peter is respected in both the classical and competition world of dressage, as one of the few who genuinely crosses over from trainer, to teacher and performer with a true understanding of how the horse works and learns.

Peter joined us as a Patron in 2015 and supports the work that we do.  Peter has had and still has Veteran horses whom he performs/performed displays with and supports our ethos that a veteran horse does not have to stop once it reaches 15 years old.


PMG and chris white PMG BOLSOVER