Performance Awards

Veteran Horse Society Performance Awards



1st Keegan Holland
2nd Benjamin Rogers
3rd Milli Carreras
4th Carrie Ashbolt
5th Samantha Taylor
6th Nicola Croft
7th Amy Cooke
8th Grace Donaldson
9th Laura anne Simpson
10th Jacqueline Pride
11th Megan Ward


1st Philippa Dawson-Coates
2nd Joanne Wyles
3rd Jackie Banks
4th Helen Leather
5th Katie Bremner
6th Francesca Webb
7th Jackie Willis


1st Ruth Harris
2nd Colleen Macrae
3rd Laura Oughton-Auker
4th Caroline taylor
5th Dr Sue Jones

The Purpose

  • The purpose of the Performance Awards Scheme is to encourage and reward the capabilities of the Veteran horse and pony by offering a wide range of classes and activities in the equestrian world.

The Rules

Please refer to page 15 of the rulebook: 2016 VHS Rulebook

  • The competition is open to mares, geldings and stallions
  • Owners/riders/handlers must be a fully paid member of the VHS-horse/ponies must also be registered with the VHS.
  • The competition runs from the 1st January to 31st December. Those applying after the start date can only gain points after the entry fee has been received by Head Office, so please apply as early as possible.
  • Entry is free and horse/pony and entry forms can be obtained from Head Office, online at or by email
  • Extra results cards can be obtained free of charge by sending an A5 SAE to the show office.

All entrants must register in one of the following groups


Pre-Veteran (15-19years)

Veteran ( 20-24years)

Veteran Plus (25 years and over)


  • Results cards must be signed by the judge/secretary to gain points
  • Competitors to fill in and keep total of their scored
  • Completed results cards must be returned to the Show Office postmarked no later than the 31st December of the current year.
  • No late entries will be accepted. Please keep a photo copy of your results card before posting. Recorded delivery is recommended for your postage of the results cards. Please send an SAE if you require acknowledgement of receipt.



The Veteran Horse Society cannot be held responsible for any results cards lost in the post. Scores will be checked and any discrepancies raised with the competitor.

Results will be issued by the 1st February.

The organiser’s decision is final and binding at all times.

Places 1st to 6th will be awarded in each group with a rosette in the post.

Any horse/pony sold during the competition may transfer any points gained to the new owner on application to the Veteran Horse Society.


Score System


Events to earn points

Veteran Ridden Area Qualifier

Veteran In-Hand qualifier

Ridden Showing


Side Saddle

In hand showing


Working Hunter

Combined training

Horse/Pony Club Event


Hunter Trials

Driving Show

Pleasure Rides

Le Trec


1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place 6th place
Points earned 6 points 5 points 4points 3 points 2 points 1 point


Where you are Champion, this is classed a first Place and 6 point Equivalent.

Where you are Reserve Champion, this is classed as a Second place and 5 point equivalent.

Please refer to the Showing  rule book for further information.