Spring Festival

Spring Festival 2018

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Congratulations to

Champion :Jackie Banks & Buzie B


Reserve:Lynette Wilbraham & Shelby


If you have any questions about the Spring Festival, contact       Mandy Brimson:festival@veteran-horse-society.co.uk



An Area Spring Qualifier qualifiers Members and Non-Members to the Spring Festival held on 23rd April 2017 at Summerhouses Equestrian Centre, Gloucestershire and 2017 Regional Finals  Where you may compete to gain a place in the Championship of the Day and gain a further ticket to the Supreme Veteran of the Year in September 2017.


Competitors placed 1st to 4th at a Spring Area Qualifier are then eligible to enter the Regional Final (second round) providing they become a member.


All Area Qualifiers will have the choice of 6 standard age category classes or 2 combined age classes. These are called foundation classes.


In addition to these foundation classes, we also offer optional specialist class, for M&Ms. Competitors placed 1st to 4th in these specialist classes qualify for the main foundation classes at Regional Final level where the highest place M&M in each class will qualify for the VHS M&M Supreme Final, also to be held at the National Veteran Open Championships, on 1st October 2017. We currently do not hold specialist classes at Regional Final Level.



Shows are to provide their own rosettes for the Spring Area Qualifier, but may apply for rosettes for the National Area Qualifiers


VHS Winter cards for the Spring Festival Regional Final qualification – non-members.

Full M|embers to have their 2017 Show Card Signed.


All competitors and grooms must adhere to VHS Rules in all circumstances. Failure to do so may result in immediate disqualification.


VHS Regional Final qualification. All competitors placed 1st to 4th in each Area Qualifier class will qualify for the corresponding class at VHS 2017 Regional Final. Members must have their showing card signed by the judge in the ring as proof of qualification. Non-members will receive a White Winter qualification card which can be exchanged for signed showing card when applying for VHS membership.  The Regional Final is only open to members only.