Become a VHS Judge

For any questions on becoming a Veteran Horse Society Judge, please contact

Julianne Aston


Next Judges Assessment Day is at the 2019 Champs

(27-29th September 2019 Arena UK)

VHS 2019 judge renewal form






Application must be made on the official VHS form accompanied by a non-refundable fee of £65.00 which includes one years` VHS membership. You must be 21 yrs or over to apply.

Should you wish to apply for a Junior Training Panel Judge, you must be between the ages of 18-20 years and complete the appointed application form.  Probationary period is for 2 years, where then you may apply for assessment on the year of your 21st Birthday.

On receipt of the application form and the fee the VHS will send you a current rule book, score sheet and probation forms- the latter must be given to the judge for completion and return to VHS head office. The VHS judge must complete and send the probationary form in within 14 days of the show. You may wish to photocopy these forms to ensure you have plenty spare.

All applicants must sit a closed rule book test at their final assessment/interview.

The venue, date and time will be advised when appropriate. During this assessment the relevant VHS personnel will determine:

  • If more probationary shows are required
  • If the applicant is successful and is awarded approved VHS judge status at either level “B” or “A”
  • If the applicant is denied

A new applicant judge must probation for a minimum of three area shows and steward at the VHS championship show.

You must first receive permission from the judge you wish to probation with. Next you must complete the VHS application for permission to probation` duly completed and sent to VHS head office within 21 days of the show. The applicant judge can only probation with an “A” or “A*” judge. You cannot probation with the same judge at different shows, and you cannot probation at the same show.

Before you attend the show make sure you have read and understood the current rule VHS book and have the necessary score sheet with you. Please remember to conduct yourself as a VHS judge during your probationary classes and dress accordingly.

You file will then be reviewed by the VHS after completion of three probationary shows. These shows need to be probationed within one year from application including the VHS championship show. If this is not possible then the VHS need to be informed in order to consider what action is necessary.

After reviewing you file should more probationary shows be needed then you will be advised accordingly.

Should you have any questions in relation to the above please contact VHS head office. Should you have any queries or concerns as to the evaluation on the day or the conduct of you approved judge then please contact the VHS head office within 7 days of the show so any action, if appropriate, can be taken.

Veteran Horse Society Ltd, 5-6 Priory Street, Cardigan, Ceredigion SA43 1BZ

01239 881300