I can’t down load the forms

Call Head Office and we can email one directly to you, if you require one by post please send an sae to Head Office.

My horse is 15 in May can I still join this year

Yes you can, providing your horse is 15 within the year he is competing.

Is the Open Class being combined with the foundation classes at the National Championships?

No, the Open Class will not be combined at all.  It will have its own Supreme Final and the Champion and Reserve will not be eligible for the Overall Supreme Final.  This class is open to everyone amateur and professional, so please be aware of this before you compete.  Also you do need to be either a full or day member. More information is in our Rule Book.

I am not the owner of my horse, does the owner have to join?

No.  We appreciate the cost of showing and therefore feel it an unnecessary expense for both the competitor and/or owner to have to join.  It is only the person in the ring who needs to be a member and have both a Membership and Show Card.

My daughter competes in lead rein classes and I am the handler, do I have to join?

No, again this is an added expense, and we feel that the handler should not have to pay.  Please make this clear when you submit your Membership Application, giving the full details of the handler and please ensure the form is completed and signed by the parent or guardian of the rider, as all juniors must have their forms completed in this way.  Handlers will be issued with a Membership Card only.

How long does it take to produce Membership as I need my horse passport back to travel and for the Vet?

We do our utmost to return your horses passport within 5 working days and usually it is quicker than that.  However, as we get very busy in the summer we do ask if you are joining to send in your application as soon as possible to avoid any delay.  If you do require your Membership returned urgently please call head office.

What is a show card and why do I need one?

A Show Registration Card is required for each Member and will now hold any qualification you receive.  The judge will need to sign the card to verify qualification.

What do I receive if I qualify and I am not a Member?

A red card issued to each non-Member that qualifies.  The judge will need to sign the card and you will need to send this red card with your membership.  Julianne Aston (Director) or nominated person will then sign and issue a showing registration card with your qualification signed and verified and return this with your Membership Pack.

What if my veterans’ Show Registration Card is lost or stolen?

Unfotunately if you lose your card, you will lose your qualification and you will need to qualify again.  You can purchase a new card from Head Office at the cost of £7.50.  No qualification on the new card will be issued.

What is a Day Membership?

This is a Day Card that will allow non-members to enter any Direct Qualifier or Open Class.  The cost is £15 and can only be obtained from head office by card payment.  This will also include an age badge.  One Day Membership per show .

My horse is just a ‘happy hacker’ and have never shown before – I am terrified of the show ring.  I see so many show horses do veteran classes does it matter he has never qualified for anything before.

That is perfect, we encourage these veterans to join our classes.  Our judges go through a strict assessment and they are very aware the VHS classes are there to promote and encourage the care and welfare of older horses.  Have a look at our facebook and twitter pages and you will see, the care and devotion our members and supporters give to their veterans and whilst we welcome every veteran, just because they have won at HOYS does not mean they will win in a veteran class.  Our judging is not ‘facey’ and is judged on a variety of aspects from turnout to condition.  Our judges are there to help you.  Our National Open Championship in September, is known for its friendly and happy atmosphere and am sure when you join you will find that too.

How can I qualify for the National Veteran Open Championship

Our Championship is Open to everyone Members and Non-members.

Our schedule and entry are on-line and the only qualification you need to obtain is if you wish to enter the Supreme Finals and that is obtained at a Direct or Regional Qualifier or an Open Class.  Do study our rule book it is there to help you.

I do not show my veteran as she is retired now, she was registered with the VHS for over 5 years and loved it.  I miss showing and thought I could help by getting involved again, what can I do, as I live miles away?

We are always looking for volunteers to help us.  If you have any regular spare time and have a computer, just let Julianne or Louise know.  This year we are looking for 2 volunteers to help us with show results and to promote VHS classes.



Please remember that we are here to help you and do not feel that any question you have is not important, we can only update or change our classes and improve the society be hearing your views and news.  If you need any help or advise please call or email head office, there is also an out of hours number, which can be called at the weekends or before 9pm in the evenings.