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Veteran Horse Society Judges


We welcome and encourage all new applications from those with an extensive level of showing knowledge and experience to those who have a passion and interest in veteran horses. To apply to join the VHS judges panel please click on the left of this page and send your complete application by email or post.

We have 3 grades of judges ranging from trainee to Advisory and welcome everyone from any level of showing.

Should you have any queries or wish to discuss any aspect of becoming a VHS Judge please contact Head Office directly by emailing Nigel Vale marking it ‘judges’ or telephone 01239 881300 between 10am – 2pm or mobile after 6pm or weekends 07789 514004

Current Advisory Judges

russell marks clare cameron dr j bishop lady elizabeth Taylor mrs d drysdale mrs g edgar mrs l herridge ms c senior J Senior outline 2 nigel vale s chamberlain kevan 3LMW V2katrina byrne with nameMartyn Adams with name

Judges By County

Find a Judge here:Judges list updated 7.2.17